Top 5 Korean BB Cream for Dry Skin

Given that the winter season is coming upon us (well, we’re only halfway into fall at the time of writing this, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the cold!), our skin deserves more of our attention.

So today I want to go over some great Korean BB creams for dry skin. These BB creams are great for people who normally have dry skin, but when it comes to harsh climate, they’re also great options for those who want some extra nourishment for colder weather.

1. Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit

One of the most moisturizing Korean BB creams on the market today is the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit. In fact, it’s so moisturizing I’ve read that people need to use powder with it, so it’s perfect for dry skin. The brand Etude House is known for creating products for sensitive skin. The BB cream comes in four shades so you’ll likely have no problems finding one to suit your skin tone. However, Etude House doesn’t sell its products in North America, so your best bet is to find an online retailer.

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The BB cream comes in a 60g tube with a pump. One of the best things about this cream is that it never seems to run out! I’ve been using mine for about a year and a half and I feel I still have a ton of product left in the tube. The consistency is thick – almost like a foundation. So a little bit goes a long way and that’s probably why I never run out. It has adequate SPF 30 and PA++ sun protection. The coverage is great. It’s what you would expect from a BB cream with an added touch for dry skin.

2.  SKIN79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus

The SKIN79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus was designed for dry skin. Its ingredients include oriental tea and gold and these products are known for revitalizing and reenergizing exhausted skin.  In fact, if you look at the ingredients list you will notice a lot of natural ingredients which is always a good thing to have when you deal with skin. Moisturizing Peptide and the Oriental Tea Newplex are the ingredients to protect dry skin.

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As with many of SKIN79’s products, this BB cream comes in only one shade. The product provides great coverage as well as a good SPF 30 and PA++ sun protection. This BB cream is intended to cover imperfections and remove dark circles and pores. You can really feel the skin being nourished when using this product and notice a stark difference.

3. SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream VIP Gold Collection

Another SKIN79 BB cream that’s great for dry skin is the Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream VIP Gold Collection. This BB cream is specially formulated for dry skin so you will find that it is super moisturizing. Again, SKIN79 BB creams tend to come in one shade and the brand tends to make products more suitable to Asian skin tones, so quite frankly it may not work well for darker complexions.

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It has “Phyto Complex” ingredient which is said to moisturize and soothe troubled skin, making it moist and healthy. Almond oil is another ingredient that’s included which improves elasticity. The product has SPF25 and PA++ sun protection so it’s similar to the other BB creams for dry skin.

4. Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream

The Dr. Jart Black Label BB cream has botanical extracts such as Chamomile and collagen to prevent roughness of dry skin and tighten up the skin. This BB cream is used by both men and women with dry skin in Korea. You will find that the cream doesn’t stick to the skin yet keeps it moist throughout the whole day.

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Because of its nurturing ingredients, after only one month of use you will notice a significance difference in your skin. This BB cream comes in a 50ml tube and SPF25/PA++ sun protection.

5. Hanskin Glossy Magic BB Cream

This BB cream by Hanskin has natural ingredients to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate it. It offers a sheer to medium coverage and reduces dark spots and flaws due to blemishes too. The natural ingredients help rehydrate dry skin so you’ll notice an improvement in health of the skin after a month.

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The product comes in a 40ml tube. Even though it is designed to hydrate and nourish skin, it doesn’t offer sun protection so that’s something to think about if this is important to you. If sun protection isn’t important and you want something that’s truly moisturizing for your dry skin, then this BB cream is the perfect choice for you.

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