SKIN79 “Diamond The Prestige” Korean BB Cream Review

SKIN79 is a Korean cosmetics company founded in 2004. You may or may not be familiar with the brand because they focus mainly on the Asian market (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong), but last year they began opening up stores in Europe and South America. They prize themselves as a “Natural Science Brand” by developing natural cosmetic products for healthy skin, and in my opinion their products do make my skin a lot nicer.

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As with many other cosmetics company in Korea, SKIN79 makes a wide range of beauty care products.  Today I’ll be reviewing one of their BB creams.  If you’re confused about what a BB cream is I’ll give a little explanation, but if you’re already familiar feel free to skip ahead.  BB cream stands for “blemish balm” but in Western markets you typically see it labeled as “beauty balm” – my guess is that “beauty” sounds more appealing than “blemish”.  They’re basically an all-in-one product – a foundation, concealer, and moisturizer in one.  During the 1990s these creams were (and still are) very popular in Korea.  You wouldn’t find a woman leaving the house without putting it on! As its popularity grew, you could find western brands make their own BB cream, but I’ve always ended up with Korean brands because, well, they’re just better quality.

SKIN79 displayThe SKIN79 “Diamond The Prestige BB Cream” comes in a nice little, slim pink bottle. The size makes it very convenient to carry around, like for travel. It’s marketed as a luxury triple function BB cream. Supposedly this cream does three things well: it has whitening properties, it smoothes away wrinkles to make the skin more bright and elastic, and it has not too much and not too little sun protection (SPF25 and PA++) to shield the skin from UV rays.  By the way, if you go to the homepage I have a small explanation of SPF and PA rankings.  You’re probably more familiar with SPF if you live in North America, but PA rankings is another system for measuring UV rays that the Asian market uses. SKIN79 Diamond The Prestige Beblesh Balm>> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on <<

Coming from a brand that focuses on using natural products and less toxic ingredients, this BB cream does have natural extracted ingredients intended to keep the skin hydrated. Generally speaking, I’ve used SKIN79 products over time and felt that they were great in conditioning my skin and maintaining it. So I can speak to that for this product.

This product comes in a 40g or 15g tube.  What I like about the design of this product is that it comes with a pump dispenser, so it’s very hygienic, but also that the pump dispenser blends in with the packaging really well and doesn’t stick out.

The cream is quite thick but surprisingly very easy to blend. The smell is wonderful too. It gives me an almost matte finish which I really love. The coverage is great – not too sheer and not too full.  Still, you can adjust depending on your skin condition. If you read any of my other posts, you will notice that I’ve mentioned I have a lot of acne, but this product did a good job of covering up my acne. In areas where I had more serious breakouts, I was able to use the BB cream in those areas and cover them up easily.

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It comes in only one shade and is supposed to be for all skin types.  If you have dull-looking, blemish prone skin, or fatigued skin due to harsh external environments, this cream’s for you! One thing about the color though, is that it’s quite pale, even though it oxidizes and adjusts to my skin tone after few minutes.  I think it was definitely meant for Asian skin (I’m Korean) and probably why SKIN79 has stayed in the Asian market for quite some time. It blends quite nicely without being flaky. But if you’re looking for something a little darker they sell the “Super+ Bronze” (overseas only!) which I’ve heard good things about.  If you try it remember to come back and let me know what you think of it! Overall, this blemish balm feels very, very light on skin.  Compared with the Missha M Perfect Cover it’s even lighter on the skin. I needed something to give my skin some room to breathe especially with my acne issues. 🙂

To use this, you definitely have to “pat” with this BB cream, unless you want to have a greasy look all over. I felt it is quite oily especially in hot weather.  On a practical level, as a concealer, it’s terrible, so it does not warrant being called a (multipurpose) BB cream. If I use this BB cream, I have to wear powder (to remove the dewiness) and bronzer (so that I don’t look so ghostly).  It will generally last about 4-5 hours, and if you use powder about 7-8 hours.  I never had any issues with that and since it’s easy to carry around you can touch up as you go!

All things considered, I really like this product, although it took some time to get used to. The coverage is definitely light to medium, though I put on two layers and then mineral powder (after each has dried) and the coverage is good enough for me.

The consistency is lighter than the other SKIN79 BB creams and the coverage is sheerer. I still got good coverage despite the sheerer formula, I just had to dab some extra cream over the spots that needed more coverage. This formula did not dry as matte as the other BB creams so I had to use extra powder, it still felt pretty lightweight though. The product sells for $39 normally, but on sale it can be had at less than $10 on Amazon. Overall, this is still a solid product, especially if you can get it on sale!

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