Korean BB Cream… for Men!

Young men in Korea have to go through mandatory military service which means long hours in the sun. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well not exactly because the Korean culture favors pale skin as opposed to tanned skin (yes, Korean ladies prefer fair skinned men).

So Korean men use BB creams for their sun protection and moisturizing properties. While people understand that it’s a makeup product, men (and women) have embraced its usage. Men like it because it gives them a “competitive edge” in the tough labor market as well as in the dating arena, and women like it because it gives the men a crisp, cleaner look.

daniel-henney-biothermSo these days, Korean BB cream brands also make BB creams for men. Unlike women’s BB creams, Korean BB creams for men are way sheerer in coverage because they’re supposed to moisturize, protect the skin from sun, and cover just a small amount of blemish to give it that natural look and not look like they’re wearing makeup. So actually, women who want sheer coverage use it too. With men’s BB creams, women are basically trading off coverage with more skin benefits.

Today, we’re going to look over some fantastic choices marketed towards men!

1) Lioele’s Have To Men BB Cream

Lioele Have to Men BB creamThis BB cream has SPF 30 and PA+++ skin protection. Its properties are whitening ingredients to brighten complexion and wrinkle care. You will notice almost immediately that it smells really good – it smells like something that’s refreshing and clean. This product is good for preventing dried out skin as a result of too much sebum, and lightly covers pores and blemish spots on men’s skin.

2) Laneige Homme Sun BB cream

Laneige Homme Sun BB CreamLaneige is a South Korean cosmetics brand created by Amore Pacific in 1994. The Homme Sun BB cream has a thin coverage for natural correction of uneven skin tone, and brightens dull skin affected by UV rays. Coming in a yellow tube, it reminds me of sunscreen. Laneige made an adjustment to the product by producing one for “bright skin” and another for “dark skin”, whereas before they only had one. So compared with other BB creams this one has two choices of shades for you to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your skin tone.

3) BRTC Homme All-In-One BB Cream

BRTC Homme all in one bb creamNamed an “all-in-one” BB cream, this product has whitening, UV protection (SPF37 and PA++), moisturizing, skin-tone correction, and anti-wrinkle properties. BRTC is known for using natural ingredients in their products so unlike the other BB creams on this list, the BRTC Homme is packed with essential skin nutrients and healing properties, making it the world’s bestselling men’s BB cream in fact!

4) Etude House “Good Guy” and “Bad Guy” BB cream

Etude House Good Guy BB Cream

Etude House Bad Guy BB CreamEtude House came out with two interesting BB creams for men in 2012. They’re called the “Good Guy” and “Bad Guy” BB cream. I’m not sure what inspired the names, but apparently Good Guys have dry skin because that’s who the product is for, whereas the Bad Guy version is for people with oily skin.  Both products have wrinkle care, whitening, and UV protection (SPF 35 and PA++ protection). They come with a pump, have the scent of a man coming out of the shower, and offer light coverage.

5) Missha Homme Urban Soul Advanced Complete BB Cream

Missha Homme Urban Soul Advanced Complete BB CreamThis BB cream is packed with SPF45 and PA+++ sun protection and comes in a sleek black bottle. It’s an oil-free multi-functioning BB cream that helps even out skin tone, controls sebum, moisturizes, smoothens, and purifies your skin. It also has the benefit of wrinkle repairing and whitening. The BB cream is lightweight so it resembles a sunscreen more than a makeup product. The shade is comparable to the M Perfect Cover #21 Light Beige from the women’s line.

6) The Face Shop Neo Classic Homme BB Cream 

the face shop neo-classic-hommeThis BB cream has SPF20 and PA++ sun protection. One of my guy friend uses this one and said that it has been great in moisturizing the skin and concealing redness and acne. A 50ml tube will last well over a year. This particular BB cream has a nice citrus fragrance. There’s also a “Smart” version with SPF40 if you want more sun protection.

Some final tips:

In my opinion, there are a few important things men should keep in mind when using BB creams:

1) Blend it well! Make sure you blend it well or it will look uneven across your face.

2)  Only wear a little. Squeeze a tiny pea size amount on your finger – it’ll be enough to cover your face.

3) Pick on that matches your skin tone. You might need to do some trial and error, but the most important thing is to pick one that matches well with your skin tone.

Questions? Ask me below! Good luck!

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