How to apply BB cream properly

In today’s post I’m going to share how I apply BB cream. Certain BB creams these days come with sponges and whatnot which some people prefer to use instead of their hands. Normally I apply BB cream with my fingers because I find it’s easier to maneuver around the creases of my face.

bb-cream-on-handFirst, what I would normally do is squeeze a tiny amount on the back of my hand. You’ll only need a gentle squeeze of the bottle to get a pea-sized amount that would be more than enough. Then I would dab a little bit and place it on different spots on my face – forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. The idea is that you cover your face evenly. I also make sure to dab some BB cream on areas of my face that have redness, acne, and other blemishes to make sure that they get covered.

After that’s done, I rub the BB cream around all areas of my face. After I’ve put on the first layer, I see if there are any spots that need a bit more coverage. This is typically in areas of my face that has extra hyper-pigmentation, as they can be tough to cover the first time around, as well as around the nose which tends to have larger pores. But for this step, I would similarly dab the BB cream first on my face, and then instead of rubbing it around like the first time, I would “pat” it down so that a thicker layer rests on my face.

The good thing about BB cream – and why you would apply it in two steps – is that it’s thinner than a foundation, meaning it would give you a more natural look. It won’t give you the heavy look that a foundation does. I also like to use the BB cream right under my eyes to hide dark circles. It’s perfect to use under the eyes even though there’s sensitive skin there because BB creams have moisturizing properties.

Right after you apply the BB cream, you’ll most likely notice a grey tone. That’s okay! This is perfectly normal. All you have to do is wait 10 minutes or so for the BB cream to blend in with your skin. It needs to take a few minutes to oxidize.

So there you go! Hope you find my tips on how to apply BB cream useful. If you have something to add, don’t forget to include them in the comments.

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