Free Korean BB Cream Samples

Last week, I got an email from someone who is visiting South Korea asking me for some good shopping areas for buying BB cream.

If you plan on visiting Seoul, then I would recommend Myeongdong for convenience and variety. Myeongdong is basically a huge shopping district where you can find tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, etc. You can find both international and Korean brand names as well as boutique shops. There are also lots of restaurants in the area. As far as cosmetics go, you can find Nature Republic, Missha, The Face Shop, and Skin Food stores, as well as other stores that carry items of different brands.


One thing I want to mention, though, is the experience when shopping at these cosmetic shops. At every shop, there will always be a few people standing at the door holding a basket of some sort with lots of free Korean cosmetic samples. They basically use it to lure you in and how they do this is, they will only give you the samples if you go into the store and look at items. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, but what they really want to do is get you inside the store so that you potentially buy something.

If you’re shopping around for Korean BB creams anyway, I think this is a good thing to know. I’ve received mask samples, BB cream samples, etc. just by walking in. And because I genuinely wanted to buy something, they actually gave me more samples to try. One time I was planning on buying a BB cream and ended up with samples from a range of brands that I could try to make my decision. I ended up with samples that could last me practically a whole year! So I gave many of them to my friends in America. 🙂

– Clara


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