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Tony Moly “Luminous Goddess Aura” Korean BB Cream Review

Today I’m going to be doing a review of another Korean cosmetics company called Tony Moly.  Tony Moly has a number of branches across Asia, in fact pretty much all of Asia – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, etc.  Apparently, Tony Moly is a combination of the words “Tony” which means nice and trendy and “Moly” which means included or employed in Japanese – at least according to their website. I’m no language expert but I wonder why this sounds a little off to me. I mean it doesn’t sound Japanese right? Oh and in Korea, Tony Moly hands out samples like crazy (actually this is the same with any other brand I notice…) when you buy a BB cream. Rather than some of the other Korean brands which tend to show a colorful, cheerful image, Tony Moly goes with the “chic” and “cool” image, so many of their products are in white and black packaging.


That said, the BB cream that I’m about to review today is in a pink and white bottle, which is the Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream.  But before we move on, are you wondering what BB cream is? For those unfamiliar with the product, BB cream stands for “blemish balm” and they are a very popular cosmetic/makeup product in Asia. Korea is the largest manufacturer of BB creams and the reason for their popularity is because unlike foundations, BB creams are very moisturizing and allows the skin to breathe. Rather than contributing to acne breakouts, you will notice that BB creams actually help reduce acne scars. Also in Korean culture, having light skin tones is very important, so BB creams are very popular because they have high sun protection. Overall they’re a multi-tasking product – concealer, moisturizer, anti-wrinkling, whitening, etc. I feel like there’s nothing it can’t do!

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The Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream comes in a 45g squeezable bottle. The bad thing about this product is that it doesn’t come in a pump so there’s a chance that the product gets squeezed back into the tube. So you’ll just have to be careful if you’re particularly concerned about keeping things sanitary.  Besides, the product leaks out fairly easily which is such a shame. Sometimes I would open the bottle and find that the contents spilled all around the nozzle, and I’d have to salvage it. I wish they designed the bottle better! I guess you get what you pay for, since this product is one of the less expensive BB creams.

This is the description on the box: “The self-luminous BB cream moisturizes the skin and maximizes the radiance of the skin. Customized for your skin! Provide moisture and radiance to your skin. Blemishes Cover! Provides firmness, smoothness, and radiance to your skin. Faithfully delivers the function of BB cream.”

Needless to say, Koreans are quite terrible at writing things in English. Even something as important as the information on the packaging of products, you’d think they use spell check or a thesaurus, but you’d be surprised with how many mistakes there are. Also I didn’t add the exclamation marks, it’s exactly as I wrote it. You’ll probably also notice how many times they use “radiance”. It better make my skin REALLY radiant! 🙂

This product has a pleasant scent and it’s quite noticeable. If you don’t like products that smell too strong then maybe this isn’t for you. But then again it really depends on the person. I’ve had a friend who says she doesn’t notice the product scent at all! So I guess it depends on how sensitive your nose is.

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In terms of the consistency, it’s just right so you’ll have no problems smoothing it out and blending it onto your skin. Thick enough for excellent coverage but thin enough to apply on the face. The BB cream gives a medium coverage and will hide the blemishes and redness on your skin. You could also build it to full coverage. I use my fingers to spread it out. I found that the product oxidizes within a few minutes, which is important to note because it only comes in one shade. If I had to describe which skin tones is most suitable for this product, I would say anything from fair to medium. It has SPF37 / PA++ sun protection so you’ll get proper shield from the sun.

While not known for its moisturizing properties, I felt that the Aura BB cream made my skin feel a lot smoother and softer overtime. So it’s definitely a great benefit for those with dry skin or if you live in harsh weather conditions. It didn’t feel oily either and you don’t need to worry about oily zones appearing on your skin throughout the day. You can easily last without any retouching. On par with some of the other BB creams, it didn’t contribute to any acne breakouts, so that was wonderful.

Overall I love this product for its adequate sun protection, good coverage, and how it softens my skin. It won’t sink into your pore or smile lines nor does it fade easily. The same can be said no matter what weather you use it in – humid, cold, rainy, sunny! A key selling point for this product is perhaps its price. Although it’s not official sold by the brand in North America, you can get it for around 10 bucks on So it’s a good deal and because I think it provides good value, I’m most likely going to purchase it again in the future.