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BRTC “Jasmine Water” Korean BB Cream Review

Today we move on to another Korean BB cream brand, which is BRTC! I’m quite excited to do this review because unlike many of the other brands I’ve been doing reviews for, BRTC actually has an official online store for the US! Plus their products are quite nicely packaged, which is always a good thing. Generally speaking, they’ve started catering to the western market and have a line of BB creams that are fantastic for non-Asian skin tones (one of these days I’ll do reviews for their Gold Caviar, Aqua Rush Water Drop, and Whitening and Repairing BB creams too, so stay tuned). Their products almost always have some flower extract or some sort of plant-related ingredient, so their products generally carry a great scent. They don’t sell this in the US, but in Korea they have a line of BB creams just for men too!

BRTC-meeting(I attended a presentation about BRTC for work. :))

BB creams, known as Blemish Balm creams or Beauty Balm creams, are highly raved in Korea because of their benefits in both skincare and makeup. So much so that even men are beginning to use them (BRTC is only one of many brands that carry BB creams for men!)

Moving along, today I’ll be reviewing the BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream. This is supposed to be great for young, dry and sensitive skin types so I decided to try this one out. They do have different types of BB creams on their website that cater to all different kinds of skin types. I typically have oily skin but my skin is also very sensitive so I first bought this product to try because it’s supposedly very good for sensitive skin. So after wearing it for a few times, I didn’t feel that the BB cream made my skin oily at all. At the same time it felt moisturizing. It doesn’t feel tacky or sticky on the skin, nor did I feel it clogged up my pores.  The verdict: it’s good for dry to oily sensitive skin types.

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It is described as a triple function BB cream with whitening, wrinkle care, and water replenishment functions. Because it has whitening properties it’s supposed to help with any dark spots on your skin, such as acne scars or under eye circles. So whenever you’re looking for a BB cream for acne make sure you check out whether the product has whitening capabilities because they tend to help with eliminating black spots from acne. It has SPF30 and PA++ sun protection. You can buy it in either a 30g or 60g tube, and it will come in a lovely purple and silver bottle.

The unique feature about this BB cream is that it has jasmine water extract in it which is supposed to be very soothing for the skin, which is why this product is made for sensitive skin. You will also notice a light floral jasmine scent – it’s amazing if you ask me. On the BRTC website they list very thoroughly all the ingredients used in the products. Compared to other Korean BB cream brands, BRTC focuses on using natural formulas to make their products.

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The BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream has light coverage and is watery. There’s only one shade called natural beige which is supposed to be suitable for most skin tones. But if I had to describe where it ranges on the scale, I would say it’s better for pale skin.  The first time I put it on I thought that it was way too gray and I didn’t think that it would set well on my skin. But as I started to blend it and wear it throughout the day, I could see that the color adjusted to my skin tone. It ended up looking pretty close to my natural skin color. However, I did find it a little difficult to build up the coverage and you may find yourself putting it on 2 or 3 times. That said, if you’re looking for something lightweight then the BRTC Jasmine Water would be good for you, otherwise you will find it harder to cover really bad acne and whatnot! If you really want to use the product anyway but don’t like its coverage, then I would suggest using a concealer.

You could either purchase the BB cream alone or in a kit that comes with an applicator, which is what I did. The applicator comes with a set of 5 extra sponges and it’s a light little device. I don’t normally use an applicator but when I tried it, I felt that I couldn’t spread it as evenly on my face. It almost felt like I was using too much. Maybe I’m just not used to it or maybe the size is a little awkward for the curves on my face, but I felt that if I used my fingers to pat and spread it’s just a lot easier to blend the cream. I think that the heat from the fingers warms the BB cream up and you could blend it easier. But I have to say, the applicator feels like a nice massage.

In terms of how long lasting it is, I am able to wear the BB cream for around 7 to 8 hours and didn’t feel like I needed to touch up throughout the day. As for the price, you will notice that this is one of the more expensive Korean BB creams. On Amazon you could get a 35g tube for about $20. Otherwise the BRTC website sells it for $39, and the applicator set is $59. I would say the BB cream is worth the buy, but maybe not the applicator set because I didn’t even end up using it much. Judging by the ingredients and the my impression of the BRTC brand, BRTC distinguishes itself as a natural, scientifically developed product with a bunch of certifications to boot, so I think that’s why this product comes at a premium compared to other Korean brands. In other words, you get what you pay for.

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